Feiyu 04

Sailfish/Marlin Game Lure Feiyu 170F

The AFT Feiyu Sailfish Stickbait is an innovative product for Sailfish and Marlin. It is a world pioneering lure without the hook installed. The principle of the design is to account for the rough exterior of the bill on the sailfish with backwards facing barbs. This lure eliminates the age old issue of getting a good hookset with sailfish and Marlin and Sailfish due to their hard mouths. This lure entagles the thread around the fish's bill and it becomes unable to set itself free. Not only does this lure eliminate the problem of billfish jumping and shaking the hook free, but it is a safer lure to remove from the fishes mouth as there is no hooks to potentially injure the angler or the fish for that matter. To remove the lure from the fishes bill, simply pull the lure and thread away from the end of the bill and towards the tail. this should free it from the bill's backward facing barbs.
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