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Samurai X-Tracta Light Jigging

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The X-Tracta Light jigging series is the ultimate light jigging rods from Samurai. Each rod is designed with the fisherman in mind with soft parabolic actions but are still powerful enough for the fight.

Jigging can be exhausting. Thats why weight and comfort are so important. The X-Tracta heavy jigging rods have been tested and proven to reduce fatigue. Our state of the art triple layer carbon blank encased in a Dual-Hyper Coil wrap has the perfect amount of cloth to resin ratios to be light and strong, able to handle the rigours of tough offshore jigging.
Once hooked, the blank design and overwrap technology combine to reduce torsion, increasing the rods reaction force by 20%. That means the fish are working harder, not you. The Fuji guides are Titanium K frame anti-tangle for the smoothest of operation.