Shimano Tiagra Leader

Many anglers know and have used the ultimate golden game reel ‘tiagra’ and many anglers own a rod and line under the same banner so it only makes sense to complete your game outfit with some of the best and most affordable game leader on the market. We introduce you to the brand-new Shimano Tiagra Leader Line.

No matter which fishing gear you own Tiagra or not this new leader line will suit a massive array of applications. It is available in an extensive range of strains from 20lb right through to a heavy 150lbs class. So, both heavy inshore and offshore anglers are covered, whether you are out on the boat trolling around for marlin, tuna or other game fish or you have dropped anchor out on a local reef to target snapper and other reef dwellers. All you need to do is work out how heavy of leader class you wish to fish and then purchase that size. If your wallet allows we certainly recommend you consider purchasing a range of sizes to have you covered for multiple options and fishing applications.

Shimano Tiagra leader line is manufactured in Japan under the strictest standards, it’s a premium supple and sensitive leader material that offers up to 20x more resistance to abrasion compared to standard nylon and boasts excellent knot and crimping strength. The leader is clear in colour to ensure its visibility is minimal to fish in the water ensuring the likelihood of them being spooked is minimized.

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