Shout Strobe 100g

Throw away all the old high-speed winding high-power jigging concepts!
Make full use of slow pitch & long fall jerk, bring a threaded target to the bite.
Use the two irregular fall actions, "flash" and "strobe", to play!

It doesn't just force slow jigging. Only by jerking the potential of the center balance jig can you bring out the lively action. That is slow pitch jerk. A jerk with a load applied to the rod bat, the jig is operated only by The repulsive force of the rod. What kind of posture does the angler who operates the rod ask the jig for the action to be delivered on the vector line of the jerk? For that purpose, it is necessary to pay attention to the ultimate rod taper , reel torque and winding amount per rotation of the handle.

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