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Squidgies Dura Tech Fish 100mm Soft Plastics

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Squidgie Dura Tech Fish 100mm Soft Plastics

The Squidgie Fish blends the ever-popular Squidgies Fish form with the newest environmental innovations. With a distinctive Squidgies twist, it combines the best aspects of shad, T-tail, and swim-bait design while also hammering out a tail rhythm, rolling seductively, and rippling those recognisable belly flaps.

With the help of our brand-new "Synthetic Bioplastic," Squidgies Dura Stretch Fish toughness can combine exceptional strength and durability with at least 50% biodegradability. Shimano Squidgies Dura Stretch combines these capabilities with our current UV treatment to improve lure visibility and prolong the life of your plastic. Not only will you have the advantage of using a tried-and-true fish-attracting soft plastic design, but you'll also be able to use it repeatedly.