Storm Discovery Spin Fishing Rod

The Storm Discovery Spin and Bait casting fishing rod series has been designed for individuals, seeking a reasonably priced fishing rod, For chasing anything from Bream to Barra and anything in between.

Matched with quality Fuji reel seat and  Fuji guides, the rods in this series come as a 2 piece offering with a regular-fast actions, in lengths configured from 6’ to 6’6” and with power ratings ranging from ultra-light to medium heavy.

Featuring sexy jungle-camo EVA grips and bright orange anodized trims, the new Discovery range of fishing rods have been updated for their 2017 release at prices to impress the most cost conscious of anglers fishing on a budge


*A High – density

*Low resin Graphite
*Camo green EVA grips and sunburst orange accents.
*Fuji O Guides and reel seats.


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