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Sunline FC Rock Flurocarbon Leader

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Sunline FC Rock Flurocarbon Leader

One of the most popular leader materials to hit the Australian market is Sunline’s FC Rock. Made just for us here in Australia, it is thin, supple, and abrasion resistant. This leader ticks all the boxes for consumers as it is strong, easy to tie with and most off all great value for money. 100m spools in 2lb through to 20lb, 70m in 25 and 30lb and 50m in 40 and 50lb, makes FC Rock excellent meterage for the dollars for such a high-quality Japanese made product.

 The Triple Resin Processing makes this 100% fluorocarbon leader very smooth with excellent abrasion resistance and knot strength. Designed to deliver high sensitivity with a hard outer for improved abrasion resistance around rocks and structure while remaining supple and easy to handle.