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Westin Hypoteez Suspending Glide Bait 18cm

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Westin Hypoteez Suspending Glide Bait 18cm - 44g

He glides to the left, he glides to the right, that HypoTeez lure makes the big fish bite!

This version of a Westin favourite has an unrivalled side to side kicking action and is perfectly balanced to stay right in the strike-zone for big bass and pike.

What's great about this HypoTeez glide bait despite its stunning good looks and amazing colours, is the versatility. Whether he is on a steady retrieve, variable speed with spin/stops or being walked, he looks like an all-you-can-eat buffet for predator fish of all different kinds. Perfect for targeting those big trophy flathead.

With a medium retrieve he even creates a wake on the surface? a deadly secret weapon that is bound to hypnotize them!

  • Running depth: 0 - 0,3m
  • Realistic SemiSoft fins
  • Clacking Joint
  • Westin S-Shape swimming action
  • Life-Like Lure
  • Hand painted detailed colors