Westin Hypoteez Glide Bait 18cm

Westin Hypoteez Glide Bait 18cm

He glides to the left, he glides to the right, that HypoTeez lure makes the big fish bite!

This version of a Westin favourite has an unrivalled side to side kicking action and is perfectly balanced to stay right in the strike-zone for big bass and pike.

What's great about this HypoTeez glide bait despite its stunning good looks and amazing colours, is the versatility. Whether he is on a steady retrieve, variable speed with spin/stops or being walked, he looks like an all-you-can-eat buffet for predator fish of all different kinds.

With a medium retrieve he even creates a wake on the surface ? a deadly secret weapon that is bound to hypnotize them!

Material: ABS Plastic
Lead free
Running depth: 0 - 0,3m
Japanese-style #1 carbon steel hooks
Realistic SemiSoft fins
Clacking Joint
Westin S-Shape swimming action
Life-Like Lure
Hand painted detailed colors

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