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Westin Shadteez Slim Soft Plastics 5.5in

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Westin Shadteez Soft Plastics 5.5in

Putting other shad swimbaits in the shadows, the Westin Shad Teez Swimbait is perfected down to the smallest detail.  Featuring a deep body and a wide tail, the Shad Teez creates a heavy rolling, belly-flashing swimming action – even at low speeds - perfectly imitating a mildly wounded and panicking baitfish. The Shad Teez is extremely versatile and can be fished on a variety of jigheads, weedless swimbait hooks, and can even be vertically fished on a drop shot as well.

Equipped with 3D eyes, molded gill plates, and molded fins for added attraction, the Shad Teez is also crafted from durable soft plastic for optimized flexibility and action. Available in a range of sizes and detailed hand-painted colors, the Westin Shad Teez Swimbait has what it takes to help anglers set their new personal best.

2 Per Pack