Xilang 04

Xilang 160F Sailfish/Marlin Game Lure

This is a new product developed by SFT specifically for sailfish fishing. It is a world pioneering lure without the hook installed.The principle of design is to make best uses of the characteristics of the tiny barbs on the sword bill (upper jaw) of the sailfish and the habitual ways that it uses the bill to slap and prick the prey in attacking the lure. At the moment any part of the bill touches with the lure body when it attacks the lure, the slim but strong PE fiber tail string of the lure will adhere to and wind on the bill instantly. And as it struggles for resistance, this tail string will not fall off from the bill, but instead it will be grappled with the small barbs on the bill more firmly and will be tangled more and more and tighter and tighter and make the fish have no way to get rid of it.The establishment of this fishing does not only thoroughly overcome the problem of the sailfish throwing the hook off in the traditional ways, but completely avoids injuries by the hook to the fish or person. The fishing can both be more delightful and safe and better protect for sustainable fish resources.
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