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YamashitA EGI-OH Live Squid Jig 3.0''

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YamashitA EGI-OH Live Squid Jig 

One of YAMASHITA's proprietary technologies is "SEARCH RATTLE". The 600Hz rattle inside the body of the YAMASHITA "SEARCH" squid jig, nevertheless, is what makes it stand out from the others. After extensive research with a renowned Japanese university, YAMASHITA has shown that squid can detect sounds between 400Hz and 1,500Hz, with 600Hz being the ideal frequency for squid to be most interested.

Squid fisherman employ glow-in-the-dark jigs all around the world and have done so for many years. The best visible light wavelength, according to study, is 490 nm. The ideal glow colour for squid eyes to perceive is this tuned glow at 490 nm, which YAMASHITA discovered through study at a prestigious Japanese university. For squid, the glow at 490 nm wavelength is the most perceptible.

  • Size - 3.0''
  • Weight - 15.5G
  • Sinking Speed - 1.8sec/m

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Alan Bibby
Great value got them quick about to use them today

Happy using them tonight