Zerek Popparazzi 50mm

Zerek Popparazzimm 50mm

The popparazzi's unique triangular mouth cup is specially designed to ensure maximum water displacement without compromising the lure's stability.

with an aerodynamic body shape that is bottom weighted for better casting, the popparazzi maximises your coverage of the fishing ground and the consistent trail of ripples will definitely turn on the most sluggish fish on a slow day of fishing.

available in 50mm only, this tough little topwater bait comes rigged with chemically sharpened trebles, a stabilising tail feather and 9 great colours that cover all the options.

Without doubt one of Australia's favourite fish to catch and eat is the good old Whiting. They are found mainly on beaches and estuary systems right along the coast of Australia.There are so many different ways to catch these hard fighting and tasty fish from live bait through to surface lures. Years gone by most fisho’s used live Yabbies pumped off the flats or worms for Whiting, which is still a very effective way to target them, but boy have things changed for many other fisho’s. Chasing Whiting on surface lures has taken off dramatically and proves to be a very exciting way to catch them. Many of the small poppers from Zerek, Bassday Sugapens and Berkely Pop Dogs are just a few examples of what work really well while chasing Whiting. The technique is pretty easy and sometimes you can get 3 or 4 whiting competing for your lure. Fishing the last 3 hours of the run out tide seems to work best for whiting in many estuary systems right up on top of the flats. Whiting will eat poppers and small stick baits in literally inches of water at times so don’t be afraid to cast right up into the shallows. The retrieve should be at a constant speed with an occasional pause. If you see Bream kissing at your lure more pauses works well. If your using a popper just short sharp pops with your rod tip down will see whiting clime all over your lure. They see them as a prawn skipping over the surface trying to escape being eaten. On super light gear like 4lb braid and 4lb fluorocarbon leader its very fun fishing. Tight lines and good luck. 


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