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Zerek Thermite 180mm Surface Popper

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The Zerek Thermite popper is built to withstand the harshest of punishment from the toughest fish and still ask for more.

Ready to rumble straight from the packet, the thermite popper will ignite some serious explosions from serious predators.

The Thermite Popper has been designed with an extra thick wall to allow this popper to be used and abused and maintain its performance. Tough customers like GTs, mackerel, red bass, coral trout and tuna will find no give in this super strong body. Sharp teeth, teeth made for punching through baitfish and simple speed through the water will have little impact on this lure.

The body strength is complemented by a through wire that connects the tow point to the hook hangers, ensuring anything you hook stays that way. This is a vital ingredient when oversized fish are the target. You do not want hook hangers pulling out of the lure as a brutal fish slugs it out down deep.

The addition of 6x Mustad hooks and oversized forged split rings is a sure sign that this lure's design has been taken very seriously indeed. Like the body and the through wire, making sure you stay connected is the name of the game with every part of the Zerek Thermite Popper's design.

A weighted tail allows this lure to sit in a perfect position when paused, ready to create some serious commotion with every sweep of the rod. The bloop and bubble trail this lure creates attracts predators from afar. The tail weight also aids casting distance by reducing tumbling through the air and aligning the lure through the air for the entire cast.

Available in 90g (180mm) and in 8 striking colours that imitate baitfish found across Australia.