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ZMan 2.5in PrawnZ Soft Plastic

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ZMan 2.5in PrawnZ Soft Plastic

Every creature eats prawns! Anglers pursuing a wide range of species will find these little crustaceans to be quite popular.
The realistic, bite-sized prawn profile of the ZMan 2.5" PrawnZ is created to stimulate fish's natural eating reaction. This shrimp has a motion unlike any other because to the very soft ElaZtech material, and it sinks at an irresistible rate.
The plump body, which has tiny legs and antennae, is followed by a slender, segmented tail that flickers seductively with each movement of the rod. The flat fan tail and buoyancy of the 10X Tough ElaZtech material help with a smooth glide during the pause.

Amazing flick and glide motion
Prawn realistic profile
Antennas and legs that tremble