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Zman 5in Diezel MinnowZ Soft Plastics

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Zman 5in Diezel MinnowZ Soft Plastics

The mighty DieZel MinnowZ range has staked its claim as one of Australia's most versatile paddle tail soft plastics. And now, there's a larger 5" model!

The same proven profile that features a classic minnow body, thin tail wrist and a large, lively padde tail has been increased in volume to create a much larger presence. For anglers who are chasing those larger trophy fish, this tail will be a must-have option. It's going to be on the menu for the likes of mulloway, barra, large flathead, mangrove jack, trevally and plenty of other species.

The original four inch DieZel MinnowZ has already become one of the most prolific soft plastics in Australia, accounting for a huge variety of species in both the fresh and salt water.

This up-sized version features an even larger thumping paddle tail, which comes to life with any movement. The same enticing body roll works at all speeds, sending out tonnes of vibration.

ZMan's ElaZtech 10X Tough material is soft, supple, stretchy and incredibly durable. It withstands hit after hit from even the most toothy critters, meaning more fish per bait. ElaZtech won't dry out, and its natural buoyancy gives it a life-like flutter on the drop, and a stand-up pose at rest, creating a powerful strike trigger.

If you're looking to chase a few larger fish species, grab a few packs and see just what these new dynamite 5" DieZel MinnowZ can catch.